About Cankan Felts

Being a rebel at school I spent most of my time in the art room which meant I’d got my own way. Enjoying life as most youngsters do I didn’t go back to my love of art until my early 30s where I did every craft class I could find. It wasn’t until my brother started keeping Alpaca’s did I find the craft of Felting. Most upset with him for giving the Alpaca fleece to a knitting circle he asked “well what are you going to do with it all”. While looking for a spinning group I found a workshop to make a felt bag and after doing one other workshop, making a picture I have never looked back. So once you have looked at my work you will be able to understand a little of what goes on in my mind – The love of colour and design .

By the way the Alpaca fleeces are still in my loft……

Cankan is an amalgamation of mine and my husband’s names Chris and Kerrie Andrews. I would love to speak to you.

Tel 01726 983326
Mob 07925 001435

Kerrie at Cankan